Our current flagship investment strategy is the recently launched Argonaut Strategy.   This strategy systematically monitors signals and measures the predictive power of the FX markets and combines them into a profitable automated strategy.

There are many drivers to the currency markets but by using sophisticated modelling engine which takes into account all the many possible input signals, the Argonaut system will determine the expected move in each currency.

The system continuously monitors the signals and rebalances the portfolio as the market evolves.

The Argonaut system is not a black box that is ‘set-and-forget’. Our team of trading professionals constantly monitor the performance, look for new signals and remove signals that no longer apply.


Once you are satisfied that our Argonaut Strategy is aligned with your own risk appetite and personal objectives you will then need to open an account by completing this application form here.

After investing an amount of your choice (minimum deposit applies) our highly skilled professionals place trades on your behalf using the currency market.

All monies deposited remain in your name and only you can withdraw them.


  • Safety - your funds are held in a segregated account in your name.
  • Security - withdrawals and deposits can only be made by you alone.
  • Carefully risk managed with low leverage.
  • Fully regulated in Australia.
  • Proven track record.
  • Profits available in both rising and falling markets.
  • Transparency - monitor your investment on any device.
  • Blending technical and fundamental provides the edge.
  • Available in AUD, USD, GBR and EUR.
  • 20% performance fee (with high watermark), 2% p.a. management fee


Check out below some of our frequently asked questions.  More questions and answers can be found on our FAQ page.

What are the startup and ongoing costs? +

There is no fee to join Synergy but each product carries it's own performance and management fee. Please refer to the relevant PDS for each strategy.

How do I apply and what is the process? +

You apply by completing the form on the Join Now page. You will be asked for some basic personal details and then linked to our application process.

Because this is a regulated product we are required to ask a number of personal questions which include basic assets and liabilities – what you own and what you owe. We have a responsibility to check that investing in our products will not cause you financial difficulty.

The application also includes questions about your approach to risk. A personal application may require about 15 minutes to complete. Once your application is complete an identity check is performed, and for overseas applicants you will be required to provide some government photo identification and also proof of your residential address – this can be an utility bill, bank statement, rates notice or similar.

When your application is approved (please allow a couple of days) you will be issued a Statement of Advice that shows we understand your investment objectives and consider this investment suitable for you. Overseas applicants are required to sign and return this. You are then invited to fund your account, and once that is done the trading starts automatically. You’ll also be advised of your account number and password. For the Argonaut Strategy, you’ll be provided a link to download the Metatrader software so you can monitor your investment whenever you wish.

Is Synergy regulated? +

Yes, we are. Synergy is the trading name of Synergy Financial Markets Pty Ltd AFSL 403863. You can find out more on our Regulation page.

How do I access my money? +

You have live access to your money using the trading software we provide. You can deposit or withdraw funds from your account at any time.

Is the Risk managed? +

Yes, the Risk is managed manually at ALL times to take into account changing markets conditions enabling the traders to act on mitigating unforeseen scenarios as well as capitalise on any new profitable trades.

Where is my capital held and are the funds safe? +

Client funds are held in the safety of our Client Trust account with the Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA). These funds are held separately from our operation funds.

Argonaut Performance Report

View and download the Argonaut Strategy Performance Report here for all current and backtest results.

Detailed reports can be provided upon request. Just drop us a line at and we'll get these over to you.

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Hear opinion from our affiliates and more detail about the Argonaut product from the strategy co-founder.

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