Our people work with you to help tailor the most appropriate investment for your needs. When considering an investment for your portfolio, you must establish your desired risk parameters. This is something we discuss with each individual, as it could completely change the investment criteria and the way we approach the market.

All markets can be volatile and are exposed to risk. Hence, Synergy’s advisory service will analyse your risk profile and risk appetite making sure that you are aware of any such risk when making an investment in one of our MDA’s.

Trading a leveraged product has considerable risk, with many traders mismanaging their trade sizes disproportionately for their equity. We aim to keep our margin per trade to a low level, in order to exhibit careful risk mitigation. We calculate each position carefully to avoid over exposure to the markets.

Synergy takes the power back from large banking institutions to deliver peace of mind by putting you in control of your finances. Heeding the cries from our traders for structured, trusted, stable funds management vehicles, we have concentrated on transforming Synergy from a successful broker; to an investment manager.

Your Senior Account Manager at Synergy works meticulously with our established partners to seek to maintain the safety and sustainability of yours and your family’s investments. Our partnerships have enhanced our professional and knowledgeable team, who will work to understand your needs and help you reach your financial goals.


With access to information, comes opportunity in the global markets. Utilising professional instruments, expert data collection, and research into individual companies, our analysts derive essential triggers for price movements, to increase probability of success.


When managing your family’s future, working closely with you is vital. At Synergy, we encourage regular contact to foster close relationships with clients.